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Sesame Selection:

Hasan Corporation purchases a large amount of sesame from the open market under the strict quality policy. Selection of sesame is a process where an exporter needs to devote most of its energies, expertise and time which Hasan Corporation does precisely. Before a particular lot of sesame is purchased, it is subjected to various tests. This includes inspection by a team of experienced selectors and sesame-experts, tests for moisture contents, kett-test, field admixture etc. A lot is purchased only when it meets the stringent quality requirements of the company.


Sun Drying:

Hasan Corporation also has conventional drying process of sesame. The selected sesame is then allowed to slowly reduce its moisture by natural-sun-drying-method, to achieve optimum moisture content for exporting. Sesame is spread over large fields, during the day and left for drying in the sun. This gradual drying helps to stay more time in normal condition, which would result to export quality sesame for later stages.



One of the main peculiarities of sesame is it only available in market 2 months in a year. Exporting sesame throughout the year one exporter has to warehousing enough quantity of sesame to smoothly export round the year. Hasan Corporation has made it part of its policy to export sesame smoothly round the year. This makes warehousing one very important step in the smooth support the buyer of the company. Stocks of sesame are stored in well-ventilated and spacious rented and own warehouses of the company. These stocks are kept in most hygienic conditions remaining under observation of Hasan Corporation’s own staff.



Milling starts with the cleaning of sesame. This is a multi-step process where foreign material like straws, mud balls, threads, stones, sesame and metal particles are removed from the sesame. High performance pre-cleaners and classifiers are used to achieve great accuracy purified sesame.



Through this process broken and shriveled sesame is separated from head sesame to a very high percentage of accuracy. The uniform grain length renders a nice appearance to the finished product.


Quality Assurance:

Right from procurement to delivery of sesame to end customer, Hasan Corporation takes effective quality control measures to maintain desired characteristics in the product. This process is closely watched by highly trained and experienced personnel.


Hasan Corporation has the most modern electronic bagging scales that ensure high degree of accuracy in weighting. It is therefore that each and every bag shipped by Hasan Corporation weighs as per ordered quantity. PP bag is used for packing contains 50kg sesame. Furthermore Hasan Corporation has the sophisticated facilities of bags stitching and printing under the supervision highly skilled staff.

Hasan Corporation operates with a very effective and well-coordinated transportation system both inland and outward. The company deals with major shipping lines to ensure safe transportation of cargo to the destination within stipulated time.